Crack Your Interview Successfully With These 9 Proven Tips

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Completing a training course with a training provider like us, at Proven Training Solutions, can be a very exciting and liberating experience.

It can be very nerve wracking searching for work once you have completed a training course and trying to figure out the best ways to represent and sell yourself through resumes and face to face interviews can be very stressful and difficult.

You’ve applied for a job that is perfect for you, it requires your type of training achievement and skill and they’ve asked you in for an interview.

We’ve developed 9 ways you can achieve a successful interview and potentially land your dream job!

  1. You’re well-versed with the company

Walking into an interview with knowledge about the company and what they do and the job outline will help you easily weave information you know about the company into conversation. This will show the interviewer that you have done your research and are keen to be a part of the team.

  • You have determined that you have the right skill set

It is important to consider whether the training course/short course you completed successfully is in fact enough or well-suited to the job you applied for. If you have the right skill and training to do the job make sure you sell yourself and your training history throughout the interview.

  • You’re a people person.

In order to be successful in any position, you have to be a people person and be able to work well within a team. Letting your employer know that you have had team experience and many successes will show your interviewer that you are easy to work with and adaptable to any type of working environment.

  • Express your desire to learn.

If you have just newly completed your training course, you are only in the early stages of your work experience. This is why mentioning to your interviewer that you have a strong desire to learn and grow from experience in this particular job will show your interviewer that you are dedicated and committed to their company and your career.

  • Express motivation and determination.

Employers want an individual who is always motivated to learn and achieve their best results in any position. Mentioning things like you desire to perform well and determination to achieve the best for the company are key to letting your potential employer know that you can be trusted to deliver great results and motivation to achieve.

  • Keep smiling

Smiling and genuine responses are the key to letting your employer know that you are warm, welcoming and approachable. Don’t overdo it and hurt your smiling muscles though!

  • You are excited about the job

Expressing your excitement about the position and your optimism will show your potential employer that you are positive and excited to be a part of the company.

  • You want to build your career in the business

Expressing your desire to build a career within the business shows the employer that you are wanting to be a part of their business culture, represent them in a positive light as well as indicating that you want the company to assist you with building your career and feel as though their business would be beneficial to your learning and experience, shows them that you are driven toward achieving a successful and stable career.

  • Be confident and don’t hesitate!

It’s always nerve wracking entering into an interview for a dream job. However, it is super important to remember to stay calm, be confident in yourself, your training and your desire to achieve and not to hesitate with any of your responses. Showcase your skills and passion to learn! To learn more about our training courses please feel free to contact uso on: (03) 9366 3285 to speak with a member of our team. If you need some advice on how to go about having a successful interview, you can email us on:  info@proventrainingsolutions.com.au