Want to Secure a Stable Future? Follow These Simple Steps

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We have seen multiple RTOs bringing in manpower who have zero clues about the industry! Even when they did, linguistic barriers were hard to overcome and thus, birthed our Proven Training Solutions, an endeavour that analysed the issues faced by the industry and formulated 360-degree courses to help guide our manpower better.

Recognizing the Problem

We researched, re-analysed and recognized some of the core problems students were facing. While RTOs followed common educational protocol, most students suffered a setback due to varying reasons! Either the concept was not clear or the language being communicated wasn’t clear enough to be retained. This, in turn, made students lose interest in the subject matter or prompted them to choose courses that they were not comfortable with.

We believe a transparent knowledge base is crucial to unlocking employment opportunities that not only come with a sturdy financial pay but also open for growth and development opportunities. This is probably why we came up with some concrete courses that steer away from the usual construction, traffic control, first aid, and other courses and focus on building the core of the problem.

Let us talk about the first problem we face- Language

English Courses

Considering English as one of the national languages, we have formulated 3 certificate level courses to help students grasp the language better! Since most educational institutes accept English as one of the most commonly used languages, our English courses expand over a range of beginners which focuses on building an individual up from scratch. Certificate I prepares or helps the student communicate or participate in the English Language Study. Certificate II English as an additional language (EAL) focuses on honing the skills further helping them develop an independent approach to English communication. The highest level is Certificate III which works on perfecting the English language.

This is just a gist of the courses we usually dabble in. There’s more like Allied Health Assistance, Disability and Ageing Support Course in Melbourne that is currently accepting enrollments! Let us know which course would you like to try out!