Testimonial of the success at PTS

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25th May 2018

I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank yourself and the team at Proven Training for the phenomenal work you all do day in day out with all our job seekers referred from Salvation Army Employment Plus.

E Plus Melton site are more than happy to continue to refer our job seekers to Proven Training especially for the Civil Construction package as the feedback from our job seekers has been amazing.

I had two job seekers attend our office here in Melton this morning; both have just completed the Civil Construction 8 day course, they were buzzing with excitement, and had the look of achievement on their faces. They each spoke about how happy they were about attending the course, how they thoroughly enjoyed it, they each mentioned they had a great trainer who had a very affective way of teaching them, and how his communication style really helped them understand the industry.

They were very happy with the tickets they have gained through this course and each look so very forward to starting work and have already received a call to start work and attend further interviews with other potential employers.

Thank you Proven Training for working alongside Salvation Army Employment Plus in being a great part of our jobseeker’s journey in supporting and assisting them in gaining tickets, licences to gain sustainable employment which is a big part in changing lives.

My sincere thanks to you all.

Salvation Army Employment Plus 

Melton Site