Key Information

Course Name:  Traffic Management
Certificate Name:  RIIWHS302E Implement traffic management plans
Course Duration:  1 day
Course Cost:  $ 200
Pre Requisites: Reading and writing in Basic English, Minimum age 16
Delivered By: Procon Training (Provider No. 45534)

Traffic Management

Traffic Management is not just controlling the traffic, but managing teams of people in an efficient manner to create a balance between work that needs to be completed, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. It is taking prior knowledge from the traffic control course applies it more specifically to road incidents and traffic risks. At Proven Training Solutions we recommend taking this nationally accredited course after or in conjunction with the traffic control course as it does require prior knowledge of road rules and traffic.

What does a Traffic Management Short Course Cover?

This traffic management course covers how to plan, prepare and implement traffic management strategies, which include assessing traffic and distributing traffic controllers in an effective manner. At Proven Training Solutions, this is a one-day nationally recognised course that includes written activities, verbal questions and answers, and practical demonstrations. This traffic management course includes developing an advanced understanding of hazards and risks that may occur in traffic and precautions that need to be taken including enforcement of PPE and road rules. Additionally, students learn a variety of traffic guidance schemes that they will be able to use in a variety of specialised traffic situations. With this traffic control training in Melbourne, upon completion students should be able to monitor traffic activities and provide traffic controllers with clear and relevant guidance.

When can I start?

As this is a one day course, Proven Training Solutions have a variety of days that you may be able to take this with one of our industry professionals. To see when our next Traffic Management training is, check out our calendar or get in contact with one of our amazing recruitment agents.

How is it different from the Traffic Control short course?

The traffic control short course offered by Proven Training Solutions is basic training in traffic control teaching students road rules, and how to use a stop slow bat to direct traffic. It is a course that we prefer that individuals undertake before applying for a Traffic Management short course as it provides a lot of the theoretical background needed to understand this course. In Traffic Management students will learn how to set up traffic equipment and manage a small team of traffic controllers in an effective approach. In addition, traffic management students combine theory and practice to assess situations, to determine possible hazards and provide instruction and guidance when implementing the most effective traffic scheme.

Why should I take this course?

Individuals should take this course if they want to grow their skillset and potentially move into a new management position. Additionally, this course and the traffic controlling course are perfect for students who are interested in traffic and road control and wish to pursue a career in this field because it provides relevant training and extensive theory work for individuals in the field or wanting to be in the field. Finally, like any refresher course or upskill program, you should take this course because it will improve your resume and you will be a skilled candidate for many traffic, construction, and road positions in Victoria.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by contacting a Proven Training Solutions team member via phone (9366 3285) or by sending us an email. Proven Training Solutions works with individuals to help them make leaps and bounds in their careers and is a registered RTO that provides well-structured and high-quality short courses, certificates and training courses. So get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you!