Key Information

Course Name:  Traffic Control
Certificate Name:  RIIWHS205E Control traffic with a stop slow bat
Course Duration:  1 day
Course Cost:  $ 200
RTO Delivering the course: Procon Training (45534)
Pre Requisites: Reading and writing in Basic English, Minimum age 16
Delivered By: Procon Training (Provider No. 45534)

Traffic Control

Controlling Traffic is not as simple as turning a stop slow bat as many drivers may think. Traffic control is managing drivers and ensuring the safety of workers, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. People that work in construction should consider a short course in traffic control to learn how to guide traffic and enforce road rules in and around construction and local government sites. Proven Training Solutions provides a nationally recognised one day program for interested students and/or construction workers.

What is a traffic control short course?

A traffic control short course is a nationally accredited certification that will help individuals direct traffic safely in any situation. This traffic control course is classroom-based with theoretical learning, group activities, and practical simulations to ensure that students understand how traffic works and how to control different types of traffic. Additionally, part of the theory in Victoria is that individuals will learn VicRoads regulations to help with their understanding of hazards and safe construction sites. Part of the simulation will include how to use a radio, and how to set up and shut down traffic sites and using traffic control equipment. This short course will provide students with a certification at the end of the day indicating they are ready for work.

When can I start?

As this is a one day course, Proven Training Solutions have a variety of days that you may be able to take this with one of our industry professionals. To see when our next Traffic Control course day is check our calendar or get in contact with one of our amazing team members.

Why should I take it?

One of the main reasons in Victoria that individuals should undergo this traffic control course is because it is a requirement for people working near or on roads as per Section 21 of the Occupation Health and Safety Act. However, individuals should also undertake this course because it will make them multifaceted candidates for construction jobs. This course is carried out by highly experienced trainers to ensure that candidates understand every aspect of traffic and the hazards involved and how to direct traffic safely and effectively. Thus, individuals upon completion will know how to use a stop slow sign, understand the road risks and will attempt to implement safer environments.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by contacting a Proven Training Solutions team member via phone (9366 3285) or by sending us an email. Proven Training Solutions works with individuals to help them make leaps and bounds in their careers and only works with reputable RTO’s to ensure our clients are provided with well-structured and high-quality short courses, certificates, and training courses. So, get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you!