Key Information

Course Name:  Spotters Unit
Certificate Name:  VU21936 Observe for the safe operation of plant and equipment around overhead and underground assets
Units:  Spotters + First Aid
Course Duration:  1 Day
Course Cost:  $ 250
Pre Requisites: Reading and writing in Basic English, Minimum age 18, Must have completed HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
Delivered By: Procon Training (Provider No. 45534)

ESV Approved Electrical Spotters Course at Proven Training Solutions

For all students seeking short courses in Melbourne, Proven Training Solutions provide a variety of training courses perfect for all students seeking to advance their career training.

For students seeking a career working in construction and earthmoving, we offer courses in spotting to train students on managing their own safety, gas, electrical asset and overall machine safety, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007.

Spotters course available at Proven Training Solutions

According to Worksafe Victoria, a spotter is:

‘A competent person who undertakes the task of observing and warning against unsafe approach to overhead and underground assets. A spotter for overhead electrical cables shall have successfully completed an endorsed training course.’

A spotter’s overall job is to observe the safe operation of all mobile plant equipment, when they are in use near service assets.

A spotter must be on site at all times to ensure regular health and safety checks are made as well as safe operation of all equipment.

When a spotter is required on site, the contractor on duty must ensure that the spotter is inducted into all site safety procedures according to the Safe work method statement.

What does a spotter course provide you?

A spotter must be on site at all times that earth moving equipment is under operation. A spotter must monitor one machinery operation task at a time.

The spotter must also correctly position themselves to accurately monitor the position and distance between the equipment and the electrical lines to guide and instruct where danger may arise.

A spotter course provides the following training for all students:

  • Knowledge of design envelopes for all equipment being used
  • Knowledge of the operation of the equipment being used
  • Knowledge of the potential hazards and dangers that can arise from overhead electrical assets

In addition to the skills and training provided through the spotters short course, there are a series of legislative requirements that students must attain before applying for a spotters short course.

Legislative requirements before applying for a spotters course at Proven Training Solutions

As Energy safe Victoria manages the registration for spotters, there are several requirements that a student must have before applying for a spotter registration with ESV:

  • Student must have a current First Aid certificate (valid for three years)
  • Student must hold a current CPR certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • Student must have undertaken an approved spotter training course

Spotters course to advance your smart skills and training for an advanced career! All available at Proven Training solutions.

At Proven Training solutions, we are passionate about providing our students with all the necessary skills and training to best set them up for their futures.

Our spotters training courses available are thorough and best prepare students for a career working in construction, occupational health and safety and earth moving equipment safety.

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