Key Information

Course Name:  Plant Tickets Short Course
Course Duration:  2-3 Days depending on Machine
Course Cost:  $ 500

Plant Tickets

Plant tickets are operating licenses for heavy-duty machinery such as bobcats, excavators, wheeled loaders and rollers. It is an essential ticket in many trade industries such as mining and construction. Tickets will give individuals knowledge on how to use and maintain machinery and improve general skills as well which will allow them to be better employees. At Proven Training Solutions, we are a Registered Training Organisation and Recruitment agency that will assist individuals at every stage of their job-seeking and training process.

Types of Plant Ticket Courses Proven Training Solution provides

Proven Training Solutions offers three different courses to gain the needed plant ticket over a series of units and certificates, and usually, participants complete this course over three days.

RII Short Course

RII stands for Resource and Infrastructure Industry Training and is a nationally recognised short course for trade industries. This is a classroom-based course with questionnaires throughout the day that will introduce topics surrounding operating heavy-duty machinery and raise awareness of how having these licenses impacts the trade industries. Additionally, this course will cover basic theory and functional skills for what is needed to work in such industries, however, participants that want to gain more knowledge about their industry should consider our training packages or other short courses such as construction induction. Upon completion of the RII students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of how to communicate effectively about plant operators, plan and organise their workload and schedule, operate needed machinery, and implement work health and safety regulations.


VOC stands for Verification of Competency and is designed to assist employers and employees in continuing to provide a safe workplace. The Verification of Competency is a refresher course specifically for people starting a new position within construction or mining. This course is a practical assessment that assesses participants’ personal knowledge and skills and how they conduct themselves within a working environment to determine their competency to use the machinery needed for the position. Please note that this course does not replace students getting their bobcat ticket, excavator ticket, or roller tickets.

When can I start?

This course is offered periodically at least once a month in the Melbourne area, to find out when the next available start date is, check out our course calendar. In addition, if you are a job seeker looking to upskill and considering this training, you should also get in touch with one of our recruitment agents who can help you in finding a relevant job upon completion of this training.

Why should I take these courses?

Organizations should suggest this course as relevant induction procedures and training to ensure the competency of employees and candidates applying for positions in the industry. Individuals that take these courses will extensively understand Work Health and Safety regulations and legislation as well as be able to competently and efficiently be able to operate plant machinery. Overall, particularly if you are a job seeker this will build your resume and make you a better candidate for positions within trade industries. In particular, participants that complete the RII course will earn a certification that can apply to almost every trade industry within Australia. Finally, individuals should undertake one or all of these courses because gaining the necessary skills or upskilling in your field of work shows that you have an interest in the industry and the motivation to independently improve your work ethic to be able to continue into higher positions.

How do I get involved?

If you want to know more about this course, do not hesitate to call us at 9366 3285 or send us an email with your queries and our trainers, educators and recruitment agents at Proven Training Solutions will get back to you ASAP. Proven Training Solutions works with individuals to help them progress on their desired career path and ensures that every candidate has the right training and skills for positions that they would like to obtain.