Key Information

Course Name:  First Aid
Certificate Name:  HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
Course Duration:  1 Day
Course Cost:  $ 160
Pre Requisites: Reading and writing in Basic English, Must have pre-work completed prior to attending the practical class
Delivered By: Procon Training (Provider No. 45534)

First Aid

Every employee should know basic first aid and CPR to be able to assist in the event of an emergency situation, which can be as dire as a structure falling on top of another employee or as contained as an allergic reaction. Proven Training Solutions provide individuals with a course that trains individuals in effective ways to conduct CPR. Our courses are nationally accredited and will only need to be refreshed every three years.

What will this course teach me?

This nationally accredited certification gives employees the confidence and insight into how to be a first responder to injury or illness. Below is more information regarding this course

This one day course will teach basic health knowledge and assess participants’ competency in identify risks, injuries, infection and illness within others around them. Additionally, it will inform the participants in regulations regarding workplace first aid procedures and legalities to consider with first aid such as employees’ and employers’ duty of care and the importance of debriefing people that have received treatment or medical assessment. In particular, this course will cover how to effectively conduct CPR basic anatomy, how to implement medical processes for when another employee has asthma, an allergy or is diabetic, and how to manage shock after a potentially traumatic event.

When can I complete this course?

The First Aid Courses are provided at least once a fortnight by experienced professionals at Proven Training Solutions, and if there is a demand these courses may frequent more often. To reserve your place check out the next available date on our course calendar. If there is not an available date you can call one of or recruitment agents who can double-check for you or refer you to another high-quality RTO that has the date that you require to undertake the first aid course.

Why is this the leading courses in the industry?

This is a leading course in the industry because it is nationally accredited and recognised by industry leaders as a competent way to gain knowledge on first aid procedures. Additionally, they are some of the best courses because they cover legal requirements and safety procedures that must be adhered to in the workplace and have detailed approaches to understand and handling infections, illnesses, injuries and shock. These approaches allow for individuals in the workplace to recognise when adults are experiencing sickness, allergic reactions, dehydration and having an asthmatic attack as well as much more.

How can I get involved?

You can register for this course with one of our team members by calling 9366 3285 or by sending us an email. Proven Training Solutions help individuals gain meaningful employment by providing training, consultations, and referrals within various industries. We have years of experience in providing these services in a well-structured manner to supply individuals with high-quality information and training. So if you want to learn, get started or upskill in a certain field get in contact today.