Short Courses are a great way to upskill or get into an industry with relevant skills. Proven Training Solutions offers a range of short courses that can help individuals get into construction and traffic industries with nationally recognised accreditations.

If you are looking for short courses in health care, aged care or early childhood education we can provide a range of certifications or refer you to a high quality RTO that offers a short courses in that field.

what are short courses?

Short courses run between a 1-day course to a 12 week program that is designed for individuals to learn about an industry and require necessary skills.

These courses are unlike universities where you must commit for years and study the theory behind the field and instead offer individuals courses that incorporate theory, reason and practice that is highly relevant to the industry.

Most of these courses hone in on specific skills relevant to trade industries including acquiring new skills or updating the knowledge or process of technical skills.

Individuals will undertake these courses for a variety of reasons including that the information passed on is relevant to their current job or field and getting a feel for a specific industry if they are unsure about whether they want to go into it.

why do you need short courses?

Short courses are an affordable way to update your skills or gain new skills. Individuals should undertake short courses because it will make them a better candidate for a position and/or a better employee.

By undertaking a short course, individuals show that they are not only passionate or interested about their field but that they have the courage, the drive and the initiative to gain new skills to develop in the industry. In addition by undertaking a short course to update or gain new skills you can enable change in your workspace or in your organisation.

Some Key Benefits

There are many benefits to undergoing a short course with the help of Proven Training Solutions including that you have added skills and certifications to your resume and thus have improved your chances of employment within your desired industry.

Short courses can further your understanding of the field and interest in the field by providing relevant industry information and practices including growth pathways, risks and regulations. are designed to be unique to the industry and are unlike high school or university courses.

Why Proven Training Solutions?

Proven Training Solutions has years of experience and knowledge of trade industry environments. Through much of our training courses we have gained relevant contacts and referrals within many industries and can help candidates secure jobs upon completion of the short courses. Our courses are high quality, relevant and provide students with knowledge and practice of skills for the field. IF you are interested in taking a short course through Proven Training Solutions call 9366 3285 or send us an email!

The Ultimate Rail Package

Duration: 7 Day
Cost: $1850

Ultimate Civil Construction Package

Duration: 6 Day
Cost: $999

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Courses Melbourne (CPR)

Duration: 4 Hours
Cost: $80

Plant Operator Package

Duration: 12 Days (dependent on experience)
Cost: $2000

Traffic Package

Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $500

Construction Induction Courses Melbourne (White Card)

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $150

Plant tickets

Duration: 2-3 Days depending on Machine
Cost: $500

Electrical Spotters Course Melbourne (ESV approved)

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: $250

Work Place First aid Courses Melbourne

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: $160

Construction induction/white red card

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: $175


Duration: 3 Days each Machine (Dependent on experience)
Cost: $$500 Each Machine


Duration: 2-3 Days depending on Machine
Cost: $500 RII (Nationally Recognised)

Traffic control Refresher

Duration: Half Day
Cost: $200

Traffic control management course melbourne

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $200

Traffic control course in melbourne

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $200