Grab Your Dream Job by Keeping These Skills And Qualities in Mind

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Applying for your dream job can be a very exciting thing but it can also be a very nerve wracking time as you contemplate how ready you are to apply for the position, how fit you are for the position, how much experience you have and if this is a job that you will learn and thrive in.

During the application and interview process, it is very important to put your best self forward and be confident. You have a lot to offer, you just need to go for it!

Our team of highly trained professionals in short courses and training solutions for students at Proven Training solutions, Melbourne have worked extensively with preparing students for their futures and their careers and have developed a set of key skills and qualities we know to be the most significant employer sought traits in any potential employee.

Excellent communication skills

It is very important to have great communication skills when it comes to liaising with a potential employer.

An employer is seeking someone who is approachable, positive, well-versed and communicative.

It is imperative that you be a good listener and someone who is able to both work well in communicating verbally and online through email and other forms of online interaction.


Employers appreciate honesty, if you make a mistake, admission to fault and growth from the mistake are something employers find admirable in an employee.

Eagerness to learn

Employers admire new recruits that have a passion and eagerness to learn new things within their job.

There is nothing better than a willing and determined employee.

Work ethic

Reamining efficient and proactive at work is something employers look for in a potential employee.

Someone who is always on the go, incredibly organised and hard at work is something that employers hold in high regard.

Experience with technology

Employers typically look for someone who is well-versed with technology.

Most employers work with online platforms to communicate and create their work, and therefore someone who is confident with working with technology is preferred in any role.

Teamwork abilities

Employers typically look for individuals that work well in group environments and are positive members in any work that is done in a team.

Employers like it when someone is a positive and productive team player and of course, someone who is friendly with all staff.

Problem solving skills

Employers understand that sometimes things do not always go as planned and it can be very difficult to manage certain issues.

However, employers appreciate a staff member who is able to resolve issues productively and efficiently as well as developed management plans to rectify any problems.

Trust and loyalty

Employers appreciate employees that they can put their full trust and faith in to work well within the position and remain loyal to their job and duties.

Passion and determination

Employers admire people who are passionate about their job and determined to improve and learn as they progress in their career.

Employers like employees who love what they do and are keen to express their goals and interests throughout.

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