How Can Online Training Courses help Civil Engineering Students?

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If you want to secure your place in today’s competitive job market, upskilling isn’t really an option.  Learning doesn’t stop when you leave the schoolroom: it’s a lifelong journey.  Whether you’re making a career change, looking expand to your current skillset or simply pursuing a new interest, online training courses provide everything you need.

Why Choose Civil Construction?

Thinking about studying for a Certificate III in Civil Construction?  Great choice!  Civil engineering is the design and development of the infrastructure that makes our day-to-day lives possible.  Civil engineers make a significant contribution to the real world by designing roads, dams, buildings, bridges and a host of other man-made constructions.  It’s work that’s interesting, varied and rewarding.

A Certificate III in Civil Construction is an essential start to a career in structural, architectural, transportation or geotechnical engineering.  Proven Training Solutions have online builders courses Melbourne students can complete to help them achieve their goals and invest in their future.

What are the Advantages of Studying Online?

  1. No Need to Stop Work

We get it: you have a busy life and a full schedule.  And you need every dollar our you earn. Online learning programs are the perfect way to advance your career while still holding a full-time job – no need to prune your working hours (and income) to go ‘back to school’.

  1. Learn When it Suits You

There’s no set timetable; no time limits; no hours wasted commuting to and from lessons.  Online learning allows you to study when it suits you: after-hours, weekends, public holidays… whatever works in with your schedule!  For dads and mums, online learning offers you the opportunity to upskill yourself and advance your career, without depriving yourself of precious family time.

  1. Learn Where it Suits You

While undertaking their online builders’ courses Melbourne students can learn in whatever environment they choose: in a designated study spot at home, at their favourite cafe, in the local park while the children play… it’s really that flexible.  Provided there’s a suitable learning device on hand and an internet connection, learning can be done anywhere at any time!

  1. Save Yourself Hard Cash

There are not many people out there who aren’t interested in saving a pretty penny wherever they can!  Studying online means lower (or zero) travel and accommodation costs while you complete your course.

  1. Prove Yourself

Online learning is a great way to polish up your time management and personal motivation skills.  It also proves that you’re a person who’s self-disciplined and ready for change.  In the eyes of a potential employer, these characteristics are extremely valuable.

Why Should I Choose Proven Training Solutions?

While there are a plethora of online training courses available, not all of them offer what you really need: a system that has your personal interests and your career advancement at heart.  At Proven Training Solutions, we care about you. We offer only the best: top-notch courses and all the support and practical experience our students need too.  Our Certificate III in Construction is industry and nationally recognized, and our students graduate with the knowledge and hands-on skills they need to pursue their career goals.

How Can I Find Employment?

Proven Training Solutions has established a network of contacts through which we are able to help graduating students find jobs in their new careers.  So, with your Certificate III in Construction under your belt, we can give you access to employment opportunities which suit your qualifications and experience.

In addition to this, we also offer support in other practical areas of finding a job such as a resume writing, interviewing and presentation.  Our support team goes further than just the certificate – we’re here to assist and encourage you every step of the way to a brighter future!

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