Understand Your Trainer With These 7 Proven Ways

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When beginning a new career path or training solution, it is important to know and feel comfortable that you are putting your faith and future in safe hands with a supportive and successful training provider.

At Proven Training Solutions, we are dedicated to providing every student with what we call, ‘Full circle support’. We aim to work with you from the very beginning to the very end of your training and career solutions with us. We pride ourselves on being there for you and working directly with you to help you achieve your dream career.

What every student wants to know before beginning their training, is that they can trust their training provider.

Here are some ways you can determine that your training provider is one you can trust:

  • They have knowledge in the industry: If you can identify that your training provider has a widespread knowledge about the training provider industry and the courses they provide to students, and are fully equipped with all relevant information and are up to date with all the relevant trends and developments in the industry, they are a training provider you can trust.


  • Forward thinking and tech savvy: Between technological advancements and forward thinking, a training provider that works toward providing students with ELearning and technology based learning opportunities shows that your training provider is a forward thinking institution with a passion to create dynamic learning opportunities for all of its students.


  • Dedicated to providing positive student experience: If you’re training provider is seen to be connecting with its students on a regular basis, organising individual meetings, workshops as well as assisting you throughout your study, you can rest assured that your training provider is one that cares about its students and values each and everyone’s individual learning experiences.


  • Able to analyse data: A great training provider has to be analytical and understand how to reach their target demographics and learn more about specific training requirements to develop ways in which they can better engage with their prospective audience/students. Analysing specific courses and what their ideal student would have to have a background knowledge in, is extremely important for a training provider to then engage with that particular student and encourage them to seek training with them. A great training provider has excellent data analytics skills and is able to appropriately market themselves via digital platforms.


  • Desire and passion to learn: A great training provider is one that has a passion for learning and growing. You know you’re dealing with a positive training provider when they make clear that they are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all. Training providers will actively promote their passion throughout content creation on their website, social media and more, all with engaging content that expresses to students that they are dedicated and driven to help every student learn, grow and succeed.


  • Forever building connections now, and in the long-term: A successful training provider will do everything they can to maintain effective communication with every student from the beginning, right through to the end. Trustworthy and caring training providers will keep in touch by sending emails, letters and creating one-on-one meeting opportunities to work with every student directly and maintain positive relationships, even well beyond a training course.


  • Up-to-date with trends: In a society that is ever-growing and ever-changing, it is important for a training provider to remain up-to-date with these changes and implement any new technological advancements and techniques to their business. That way students will have every opportunity to succeed in a career, having a strong background knowledge of all the latest trends and education developments.

Our team at Proven Training Solutions are dedicated to providing every student with a positive, connected and dynamic training and learning experience.

Speak with a member of our team to learn more about our variety of short courses and training solutions, as well as getting to know us, and how we work toward helping our students achieve their career goals.

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