22483VIC Course In EAL

The Course in EAL is designed for EAL participants who have little or no prior educational experience or whose circumstances have resulted in disrupted education and who need to develop initial level basic English speaking, listening, reading and writing, numeracy and learning skills prior to accessing further English language education and possible employment.

This course enables participants from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds to develop English language skills, including:

Those who have immigrated to Australia who are recent arrivals
Those who have immigrated to Australia and are longer term residents returning to study, to improve their English skills after having previously worked in low skilled jobs or having been out of the workforce; and
Indigenous Australians who are learning English as an additional language or dialect
The course is industry and nationally recognized, and is delivered by Comm Unity Plus (3755)

Career Pathway

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare students for entry in further English language study including 22484VIC Certificate I in EAL (Access).

Entry Requirements

Every student will be required to complete the English Interview and Assessment test and a Pre-Training Interview. Students must also be at least 18 years of age.

Core Units

VU21292 – Recognise, give and follow simple and familiar oral directions

VU21293 – Recognise measurements in simple, highly familiar situations

VU21294 – Recognise shape and design in simple, highly familiar situations

VU21430 – Develop a language learning plan with support

VU21431 – Use beginning language learning strategies with support

VU21432 – Communicate basic personal details and needs

VU21433 – Give and respond to basic information and instructions

VU21434 – Read and write short basic messages and forms

VU21435 – Read and write short, basic factual texts

*Elective units delivered will be at the discretion of the RTO delivering the course

Course Fees

Fees applicable only to those who do not qualify for Skills First funding.

lease visit http://www.skills.vic.gov.au/victorianskillsgateway/Students/Pages/vtg-eligibility-indicator.aspx to determine whether you are eligible.

Standard Course Fee: $3,280

*Prices are dependent on the RTO delivering the course at the time.

Payment plan options available for all accredited courses through the relevant RTO.