Nationally Accredited Civil Construction Course in Melbourne

Gaining the skills and knowledge to work in the construction industry is no longer difficult with Proven Training Solutions civil construction course in Melbourne.

Our courses help you develop the right skills and knowledge required while working in the Civil construction industry. The nationally accredited Certificate III in Civil Construction plant operations delivered by Builders Academy Australia (provider No. 21583) will help you understand the role of a skilled operator working in Civil construction. From using some discretion and judgment to implementing relevant theoretical knowledge, this course is designed to give you specific context to gain entry into the Civil construction industry.

The Civil Construction courses offer the students rigorous knowledge and information and expert advice with extensive support from the team. Whether it be handling machinery, work projects, or managing a team, the individuals can seamlessly operate with the knowledge and skills they will acquire from this course.

With a proven reputation for providing quality training that meets companies and employers’ needs, we always adhere to industrial standards to offer you the best opportunities. By learning the skills and knowledge from this course, you are all set to get started in the Civil Construction Industry.

Though the major construction projects are streamlining, the demand for construction employees is increasing day by day. By enrolling in this course, you are opening the gate of opportunities to set practical career goals. With Skills First funding for eligible students, this could be the beginning of a great career pathway.

So, enrol today!

Develop Your Career in the Civil Construction Industry

The courses will help you gain knowledge in:

  • Bituminous Surfacing
  • Bridge Construction and Maintenance
  • Pipe Laying, Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Road Marking & Tunnel Construction
  • Timber Bridge Construction and Maintenance
  • Civil Construction General
  • Traffic management occupations

These Civil Construction Courses are designed for Students, Apprentices, Trainees, and those who want to re-enter the workforce.

Average Course Duration – 2 Years

Qualification Required:

There is no specific qualification required for pursuing this course. Still, the students need to go through language, literacy & numeracy assessment before enrolment to determine their suitability for this course.

Course Fees:

Fees apply only to those who do not qualify for Skills First funding.


Please Visit –
http://www.skills.vic.gov.au/victorianskillsgateway/Students/Pages/vtg-eligibility-indicator.aspx to determine whether you are eligible.


Standard Course Fee: $9,880

*Prices are dependent on the RTO delivering the course at the time.

Payment plan options available for all accredited courses through the relevant RTO.

Financial Aid

The federal, state and territory governments always support students in pursuing vocational education and training so that they will gain exceptional knowledge and skills to build an excellent and rewarding career pathway.

Do you want to make your career in the Civil Construction Industry? If yes, then Proven Training Solutions is here to offer you an advanced civil construction course that will help you set a professional career in the Civil Construction Industry. Visit our website today or call us at (03) 9366 3285