Who We Are 

Proven Training Solutions is more than just a training provider.

We are an organisation that is passionate about learning, up-skilling, creating opportunities, and helping individuals, businesses, and organisations achieve their goals.

What We Do 

We change lives and businesses.

We provide tailored training courses for mainstream disciplines, skill shortages, and niche professions. We work only with the most reputable and trusted RTOs to deliver the highest quality education and training. We believe in what we do.

Why We Do It

We believe in opportunity.

By matching our students to the right accredited training and our employers to the right graduates, we create training and upskilling opportunities that best suit everyone's needs making each experience with us meaningful.



We work with employers of all sizes to equip staff with the training they need as well as sourcing skilled and qualified workers for the task. We tailor the right training for the right person and provide employers peace of mind. 



Completing a course with us gives students complimentary access to our recruitment services. We work closely with our graduates to build their confidence, become job-ready and find exciting employment opportunities to achieve career milestones.



Students are at the core of what drives us. We believe in opportunity, quality accredited training, and student advocacy. Whether you're advancing your career or just want a change of scenery, we help you to unlock your potential. 

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