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    At Proven Training Solutions we are dedicated to providing students with the perfect educational pathways and training development solutions, and guidance to a variety of recruitment opportunities to help them achieve their desired career goals and aspirations.

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    Changing lives through Education and Employment continues to stand as our company ethos. We are dedicated to supporting every student throughout their training and education from start to finish. We are here for you throughout your educational journey and are passionate about directing our students toward a happier and more fulfilling career and future.

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    In need of a career change? Looking to broaden your horizons in terms of your education? We are passionate about providing every student with ongoing educational support and training solutions to help them achieve their desired career goals. Educational training and pathways would not be possible without a strong support network around you. This is where we come in.

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    What makes us different

    We are dedicated to providing what we call ‘Full circle support’. Our mission is to stand by you every step of the way when it comes to your training solution and educational journey with us at Proven Training Solutions.

    We provide you with ongoing support and consultations to prepare you for a future of endless opportunity and access to our free recruitment services.

    We care and support you throughout and provide you with a variety of training solutions and courses that best suit your needs and education pathway.

    Even when you can’t find the answer, are struggling or need that extra guidance, we are here to continually assist you and provide you with the best possible outcome no matter the issue!

    Popular Short Courses


    Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations Courses Melbourne

    This course is aimed at students that wish to enter a career in the civil construction industry. This course helps students plan and implement work projects and learn how to master and operate 5 types of machinery to prepare them for a civil construction career.

    Electrical Spotters Course Melbourne (ESV approved)

    For all students seeking short courses in Melbourne, Proven Training Solutions provide a variety of training courses perfect for all students seeking to advance their career training.

    For students seeking a career working in construction and earthmoving, we offer courses in spotting to train students on managing their own safety, gas, electrical asset and overall machine safety, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007.

    Construction Induction Courses Melbourne (White Card)

    A Construction Induction course (White Card) must be completed by every worker including senior management involved in construction sites and the building industry. Construction Induction courses are nationally recognised courses that involved attaining certification from a relevant WHS body that participants understand the risks and hazards involved in construction, and attaining a white card which is required for workers on constructions to have.

    Traffic control course in melbourne

    Controlling Traffic is not as simple as turning a stop slow bat as many drivers may think. Traffic control is managing drivers and ensuring the safety of workers, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. People that work in construction should consider a short course in traffic control to learn how to guide traffic and enforce road rules in and around construction and local government sites. Proven Training Solutions provides a nationally recognised one day program for interested students and/or construction workers.

    Traffic control management course melbourne

    Traffic Management is not just controlling the traffic, but managing teams of people in an efficient manner to create a balance between work that needs to be completed, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. It is taking prior knowledge from the traffic control course applies it more specifically to road incidents and traffic risks. At Proven Training Solutions we recommend taking this nationally accredited course after or in conjunction with the traffic control course as it does require prior knowledge of road rules and traffic.


    Plant tickets

    Plant tickets are operating licenses for heavy-duty machinery such as bobcats, excavators, wheeled loaders and rollers. It is an essential ticket in many trade industries such as mining and construction. Tickets will give individuals knowledge on how to use and maintain machinery and improve general skills as well which will allow them to be better employees. At Proven Training Solutions, we are a Registered Training Organisation and Recruitment agency that will assist individuals at every stage of their job-seeking and training process.

    David-Vitz Gasnier Lolo

    Definitely something to look into if your keen on getting into work ASAP. The Course and content delivery was definitely intense and worth it. In all honesty, they say you will be job ready in 6 days, however, it can take longer…but dont be alarmed because it is well worth the wait. Also if you are worried about the pricing of the course, dont be because your most likely going to earn that all back in a week or two worth of wages. Cheers ? to all the PTS staff changing peoples lives out there✌???.

    Paul J Howard

    Just completed the civil construction 8 day course today, Tristan was an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the civil construction industry. The Girls at proven Carly and Ash were very helpful and very prompt with getting tasks done when requested. Big thanks To Carly today for all the information she gave us. Highly recommended for anyone who needs tickets to get a start in the construction industry.

    Zeliha Nargile

    l am happy go to Proven Training Solutions.Because i improve my english, good staff and good teachers.

    Lidija Nedelkovska

    The very lovely staff ,teachers the very harm and welcome ?

    Fyodor Salem

    Good teachers and staff it’s right place to learning english

    Alicia Farrugia

    Absolutely fantastic group ? 100% would recommend these guys ?

    Kelly Wapshott

    Awesome place, friendly staff & knowledgable trainers. Keep up the great work!


    Traffic Package

    Duration: 3 Days
    Cost: $500

    Plant Operator Package

    Duration: 12 Days (dependent on experience)
    Cost: $2000

    Ultimate Civil Construction Package

    Duration: 6 Day
    Cost: $999

    To read more about our short courses in Melbourne and our variety of qualifications and certificate opportunities, head over to our short courses and qualifications pages.

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