Completing a course with us gives students complimentary access to our recruitment services. We work closely with our graduates to build their confidence, become job-ready and find exciting employment opportunities to achieve career milestones.

We See Beyond The Course

We know the journey doesn’t end at the completion of a course. Opportunities need to be sourced to harness newly learned skills and put them to task within meaningful and sustainable employment in an area students choose.

Students need support, guidance, and mentoring from industry professionals to build their job-readiness and achieve their outcomes.

That’s where we come in.

From the beginning of a student’s journey with us, they are given a personalised recruitment service that includes:

  • Meet and greets at the beginning of the course
  • One-on-one meetings with each student to discuss employment opportunities
  • Developing job search techniques
  • Assistance with resume writing
  • Interview coaching; and Reverse marketing students to employers

Work Placement Service

Where students require a work placement as part of their course, we help to source valuable positions within the industry to make sure they get the practical experience they need.

What We Give Our Providers

We have dedicated Business Account Managers who give an ongoing consultative and personalised service to our Job Service Providers.

Our Account Managers provide.

  • One point of contact so you’re always dealing with a familiar face who knows all of the details
  • Mobile enrolments of students during appointments at your sites or ours
  • On-site information sessions for your job seekers to make an informed choice
  • Attendance at your team meetings to go through the details of our enrolment and recruitment services
  • Follow-ups with absent students and routine emails to inform you of the whens and whys behind absences
  • Follow-up and reengagement with absent students to ensure they get the support they need to return to the classroom

We Let The Results Speak For Themselves

Here are our recruitment statistics for 2018.


75% of practical placements secured

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90% of practical placements commenced 88% received employment offers

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100% of practical placements completed 85% successfully gained employment

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81% of students gained employment 70% successfully reached 3/6 month outcomes

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The 5 Steps to Employment

“Do it in reverse Get the job first”



We spend time screening each candidate in detail and shortlisting applicants using our Employer’s criteria


Employer Interview

The Employer will conduct group interviews with candidates that are shortlisted for positions


Job Descriptions

The Employer provides us with job descriptions for each of our successful candidates which we then use to determine the best training required for the job


Tailored Training

We create and facilitate training tailored to our successful candidates to perform the job


Start Work

Successful candidates start work with our Employer, ready and trained to perform the job at their best.